Day 3: What are your top five pet peeves?

Note: This becomes an increasingly cranky post, so no hurt feelings if you just want to skip it altogether. I get it.

  1. When people are clueless about how to behave on the bus. Outside in a park? Go ahead and be noisy! In a crowded bus? Keep it quietly to yourself. Feel free to talk with your friend, but please keep the decibel level such that I can tune you out if I’m half a bus-length away. Also, please don’t bring excessively smelly or messy foods on the bus or sit with your legs so far apart that you take up three spaces all to yourself. Really? Continue reading

Sunday Links going up a day late (but still here!)

This weekend was full of a family reunion, an annual church picnic, and wrapping up my final research paper for my class this term, so here are Sunday’s links a day late. As usual, there’s a variety of articles that I found pertinent to my different interests. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like! Continue reading