Day 28: What is something/someone you miss?

This belongs on Awkward Family Photos for the current fashions alone. :)

This belongs on Awkward Family Photos for the current fashions alone. 🙂

I don’t often miss people, which I guess is connected to my introversion. Especially with social media and communication technology the way it is, people just don’t feel all that far away anymore. It absolutely boggles my mind that I can chat with my mom on Facebook when she lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When we first moved to Africa in 1987, I don’t even think we could call the US. Or, if we could, we certainly did not call very often. Continue reading


Day 27: Discuss a problem you have or had in the past.

The rate at which I am completing this 30 day blogging challenge should indicate what this post will be about: procrastination. More specifically, an inability to complete things. Some areas of my life–work and school–I can still complete tasks more or less on time. Deadlines are essential for me. However, in areas that are “non-essential,” I definitely don’t take it as seriously and sometimes get distracted to the point where I just want to drop it all and move on with my life. Continue reading

Day 25: Discuss someone who fascinates you and why.

Tupac Shakur (image via The Source)

Tupac Shakur (image via The Source)

This might be strange coming from a middle class white girl, but I find Tupac Shakur fascinating. About a year ago, I was researching the topic of accent prejudice (prescriptive versus descriptive grammar) and decided to narrow my focus to African American Vernacular English (AAVE). There is a lot that I could say about the research and the contents of the final essay, but in sum, accent prejudice has far-reaching implications with heavy roots in classism and racism. The reason I mention this paper at all is because Shakur’s work is an excellent example of someone refusing to bow to societal pressure to speak in “acceptable” prescriptive ways. Continue reading