These Sunday Links are all about Writing!

What? Writing about writing on a writer’s blog? Who’d have thought this post would ever come to pass… From writing retreats to the supposedly greatest books of all time, I am hooking you up today! All of the writerly links are after the jump. Continue reading


Living in the Tension between Joy and Sorrow

Over the last week, a lot of tragedy has been happening around the world, from senseless violent crime at a local level to multiple terrorist acts that have affected global citizens. Add to that Congress’ vote to slash funding for SNAP, and you wind up with an Ellayne who wants to crawl into a cave and shut out everything. Continue reading

Shake it out, shake it out…

Four days after my last post, I had a couple of interviews for two part time, complementary jobs at my alma mater. That same day, my interviewers offered me both jobs, and tomorrow is my first day. It still feels a little surreal both because I’ll be back on the campus where I did my undergraduate studies and because it all happened so quickly. I think the timing of everything was great because I started getting bored with unemployment, and I think I will be rested enough come tomorrow morning to actually be ready to get down to business. (To defeat. The Huns.)

I should already be in bed, but I wanted to post an update before I forgot. I have the feeling that life is going to be a little hectic for a couple of weeks because I’ll be learning a ton at work and school starts back up next week. Have a great week, everyone!

Enjoy the following cover of a song that seems oddly fitting in a “here’s to better times!” sort of way:

Counting Blessings

When my husband told me that our manager wanted to have an unplanned meeting with us (after which we could leave work early), I knew something was wrong. Unplanned meetings are rarely a positive sign, right? So it came as no surprise that she had bad news for us. That news? Our contract was ending early, and we would have a month left at our current positions. Continue reading