Day 27: Discuss a problem you have or had in the past.

The rate at which I am completing this 30 day blogging challenge should indicate what this post will be about: procrastination. More specifically, an inability to complete things. Some areas of my life–work and school–I can still complete tasks more or less on time. Deadlines are essential for me. However, in areas that are “non-essential,” I definitely don’t take it as seriously and sometimes get distracted to the point where I just want to drop it all and move on with my life.

I never had this problem in childhood or throughout the bulk of my adolescence. I started struggling with procrastination towards the end of my senior year in high school and definitely struggled with it throughout college as well. Although I have no official diagnosis, I am fairly certain that I have ADD that developed in adulthood. It makes sense since everyone in my nuclear family all seem to have it to varying degrees. My sister has been a big encouragement and go-to person for tips on focus and organization. Planners with color coded schedules have been particularly useful for keeping track of everything I need to do.

What strikes me as odd is that my writing often takes a back seat to other responsibilities. I suppose that’s fairly typical for a lot of writers, although certainly not all. For me, my writing is still something that I struggle to commit to regularly. I love writing, but it is such a mercurial undertaking. It is a trial to finish stories. I have half a dozen novels that have made it close to a finale before I let them wander away to hang out, unfinished, somewhere in my documents.

So how do I finish a post on procrastination? Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.


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