Friday Prayer from Thursday Vespers

This will probably be the only post that goes up on here today. Emotionally, I have very little to give to writing following the previous days’ mucking through Facebook and their inattention to sex trafficking on their site.

One of my Orthodox friends shared this, and I wanted to pass it on to whomever will read my blog. The following reminds me of the grace and love of God that sustains the whole of the earth:

Jesus met the Samaritan woman by Jacob’s well! He wraps the earth in clouds, yet He asks her for water! What wonder! He Who rides on the Cherubim speaks with a faithless woman! He Who suspended the earth on the waters, asks for a drink! He Who causes the lakes and springs to overflow is weary with thirst! Truly He desires to set the woman free from the enemy’s snares. He drowns her sins in the waters of life, for He alone is the compassionate Lover of humankind!

-A hymn from Thursday Vespers in the Week of the Samaritan Woman

May God bless and keep you.



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