Sunday Links

Pippin and Rosie

Pippin and Rosie, napping on my legs this morning

I woke up with the makings of a migraine, and even though it went away, I still didn’t have much in me by way of putting together whole paragraphs of coherent thought. Instead, below are links to various things I found interesting today as I lay in bed moaning in agony. Apparently, food was on my mind. Enjoy!

Coffee is shockingly good for you! Next week, they’ll probably tell us it’s bad again, but for now, I’m going to enjoy it and drink ALL the coffee.

People are fascinating. Here are some fascinating New Yorkers.

A recipe for Chocolatey Coconut Granola over on Stone Soup because hey, cocoa is good for you too!

What’s this? Watermelon Feta Salad? I confess that watermelon is not my favorite–mostly because the watermelon I grew up with in Ghana was flavorless and grainy–but the concept of this salad intrigues me.

Today, Cake Wrecks’ “Sunday Sweets” post features monsters. Heck yeah!

What could possibly be better than a dragon? A fire-breathing dragon. Made out of Legos. It is so.

And finally, a poem to remind girls that their lips are for much more than kissing.

What have you found of interest on the web these days? Please share!


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