NW Christian Writers Renewal 2013

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. Tomorrow and Saturday, I’ll be attending this conference in hopes that it will help me be a better writer. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit nervous. (I’m actually fairly nervous right now.)

Being a rather shy introvert, I am trying to figure out how I will process the crowds that will be there. I did some calculations based on the amount of editors/agents available for group critique appointments, how much time is allotted to these appointments, and how many people are supposed to be in each group, so there ought to be ~400 attendees at the conference. I’m not sure if my calculations are correct, so that’s just a ballpark figure.

I am really tired and feeling overwhelmed by everything I need to do to finish my preparations. Since this is my first time attending this sort of thing, I’ve been searching for resources for awhile, trying to determine what I need to bring with me. I’ll probably end up being over prepared in some areas and under prepared in other areas, but I have to start somewhere!

Until my next update,


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