Day 2: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

Geographically, I would like to be living and working internationally. I do not have a specific country or even a particular region of the world where I have my heart set on living. However, as my undergrad degree is in English/TESL and my future grad degree will be in English/Creative Writing, it makes sense that I would be living and working somewhere in the Middle East or Asia as there is a demand for native English speaker/teachers in those areas. Again, where specifically is not something that I have worked out yet. Ten years from now, I’ll be 38 years old. That’s still a long way away and anything could happen. I do know that wherever I am living/working in 10 years, I will be learning about the people around me and living in community whether that is in Kalamazoo or Kathmandu. Continue reading