Unusual Mural

Turning a corner in the alley, her breath caught in her throat as she beheld the mural for the first time. Each element had been lovingly placed over the old brick walls, a gradual effort that must have taken years to create such a large piece of art. A rainbow collage Continue reading


The scarred wooden hull split the turquoise saltwater easily. Sea salt and distant coconut rushed through the air, creating a heady mix for those in the motor powered canoe. Below them, the white sand of the beaches fell away beneath the ocean’s press, and amethyst sea urchins congregated in bristled clumps, their delicate spines moved by unseen currents. The boat’s wake deflected the sun and churned up dazzling rainbows behind them. Continue reading

Kitchen Witchery

All day she had been confined within a mundane prison of paper shuffling, her mystical powers suppressed by The Man. The instant he released her, she flew back to her lair, cackling giddily to herself, buzzing at the thought of unlimited possibilities. A wild rainstorm erupted before she reached her front door, but the smell of the wind and the pelting rain only intoxicated her further. Continue reading