Day 9: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Aha! A great question! This morning, I would probably say professional coffee or mattress tester because I’m a little tired from yesterday. What did I do yesterday? Oh, just a little something or other in downtown Seattle called the Seahawks Victory Parade. We left for the parade before 10am and got home at almost 7pm. Who knew that a ~2 hour parade would be an all day event? Also, it was so cold in Seattle yesterday (around 20F with wind blowing up off of Puget Sound)! My five year old nephew ended up being worn inside my husband’s coat to keep him warm enough. Little dude even got a nap in while we waited. No, I’m not jealous. Continue reading

Day 6: What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

Whoever creates horoscopes would peg me as a Leo. I have read that Leos are vivacious and the center of attention. As a child, I definitely fit the personality of a Leo. After all, I am a last born child! However, as an adult, the last thing that I want to be is the center of attention. This is why theater no longer holds the personal appeal it once did. I still love theater, but I prefer to attend or be backstage than to participate front and center. Continue reading