[Mis]Adventures in Public Transportation

This summer, Mr. Dormouse and I decided that we needed to cut our expenses as much as we could so that we would be able to adjust our budget and pay off our student loans faster. For a couple of weeks, we fiddled with our budget spreadsheet, and I suggested that we get rid of one of our two cars. It made sense at the time, since we were working (and commuting) together, and that way we would cut down even more on gas, maintenance, and car insurance. “It will be an easy adjustment!” I said, smiling brightly. It was…and it wasn’t…

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Brief Update

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have experienced in recent memory. I had so much going on outside of my two jobs, but I won’t bore you with the details. Just trust me when I say I was busy! (I am greatly anticipating the long weekend ahead.) Continue reading