Quiet on the Blogging Front

I have posts in the works, but the first couple of weeks of December ran me over a few times, so the blog fell by the wayside. On top of coming down with a cold on the first of December that only went away a day or two ago, I had to wrap up this school term, which included writing a final essay on Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw using narratology for my theoretical lens. Crunch time for said final paper included pulling an all nighter, which really did not help with that nasty cold, but it’s all over now. I got my final grade for literary theory, and I am happy to say that I did much better on this round than I did when I studied the subject in undergrad. Continue reading


Limping through August (figuratively)

I won’t commit a lot of words to this post because I have a lot that I need to take care of, but I wanted to explain my absence from this blog for my followers–the few, the amazing! On top of wrapping up this term of grad school, my work situation destabilized, and well…there’s been more but honestly, you don’t need to hear me whine about it all. 🙂

So know that I have not forgotten about this space. I will resume writing regularly come September, or at least, that is the plan for the time being. If that changes, I will certainly let you know! In the meantime, thank you for sticking around as much as you have, and I really hope that your summers have been amazing! I’ll try to throw up some Sunday Links in our remaining weekends. Until next time, here’s Betty White being, well, amazing.

Betty White makes everything better, right? She's like the patron saint of kitties and unicorns and inappropriate jokes.

Betty White makes everything better, right? She’s like the patron saint of kitties and unicorns and inappropriate jokes.

Kitchen Witchery

All day she had been confined within a mundane prison of paper shuffling, her mystical powers suppressed by The Man. The instant he released her, she flew back to her lair, cackling giddily to herself, buzzing at the thought of unlimited possibilities. A wild rainstorm erupted before she reached her front door, but the smell of the wind and the pelting rain only intoxicated her further. Continue reading