Day 19: What is your biggest regret in life?

I was afraid of the dark until I was a junior in college. Honestly, it’s silly. Isn’t that something that most people outgrow in childhood? And yet, there I was, a college junior, sleeping with the light on because I could not fight the fear that something would grab me before I could make it from the light switch to my bed. Continue reading

Julie Andrews for Queen of Everything







Dame Julie Andrews spoke at Colorado University’s commence this year, and during her speech, this was one of her many words of wisdom. As someone who lived in fear for decades, all I can say is that I wish I had learned this lesson much sooner!

I don’t think we can live a life void of fear. Fear is natural, and sometimes fear keeps us alive. However, living under the weight of fear and letting fear drive all of our choices is suffocating. Rather than make more of this, I’ll bow out of the way and let Dame Julie say it better than I can. The entirety of Andrews’ speech can be seen below.

GIFs source: Le Jazz Hot

PS. This week is crazy hectic for me, so don’t expect anymore posts until possibly next Monday. Lots of evening/weekend work commitments, visiting family, class responsibilities, a paper due Sunday, my SIL is having her baby Thursday (getting induced), etc.

Remembering to Breathe

by Calliopejen1, from Wikimedia Commons

I’m standing on a worn wooden floor, marked with dents and silvery grey streaks. Two walls of this large room are lined with floor to ceiling mirrors, and the outside wall is covered in large picture windows. It’s an unusually warm spring day, and I can feel sweat on the small of my back from the warm-up. I snap my heels together à la Dorothy Gale, and the steel taps on the bottoms of my shoes click pleasantly. The sound blends in to the other clicks around the room as the rest of the class fidgets between songs. Continue reading