Day 17: List your highs and lows of this past year.

Let’s get the lows out of the way first, yes?


  • Getting laid off at the end of August was definitely a low point.
  • Having an antler crash on my mostly bare foot the same day I no longer had health insurance? Low point. (I still haven’t gotten it checked out.)
  • Getting a cold the day before I flew back from Chicago.
  • Cleaning up vomit at my old job was one of the worst tasks. 😛 I still don’t know how someone managed to get puke inside a toilet paper dispenser.

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Living in the Tension between Joy and Sorrow

Over the last week, a lot of tragedy has been happening around the world, from senseless violent crime at a local level to multiple terrorist acts that have affected global citizens. Add to that Congress’ vote to slash funding for SNAP, and you wind up with an Ellayne who wants to crawl into a cave and shut out everything. Continue reading