Day 14: What is your earliest memory?

The day I turned two, my sister convinced me that it was tradition to lick the icing off one’s second birthday cake. Inasmuch as a four year old can convey the idea of tradition, she effectively persuaded me that what she had done at her second birthday party was exactly what I should do at my second birthday party. Personally, I think she just wanted an excuse to “help” me scrape the icing off half of the sheet cake before our mom noticed what we were doing. Continue reading


Sunday Links

Pippin and Rosie

Pippin and Rosie, napping on my legs this morning

I woke up with the makings of a migraine, and even though it went away, I still didn’t have much in me by way of putting together whole paragraphs of coherent thought. Instead, below are links to various things I found interesting today as I lay in bed moaning in agony. Apparently, food was on my mind. Enjoy! Continue reading