Block and Diversion

It’s been two hours since I left work, and I’m still not home, so I’ve had more than ample time to sit on the bus and think things over in general. More specifically, I’ve been pondering NaNoWriMo, and even more specific than that, I’ve been chewing over my minuscule word count. I have just over one day’s worth of words, and we are moving towards day 6. So you could say that I’m a little behind, which isn’t terrible. I’ve caught up from worse. This isn’t the end of the world by far. Continue reading

Brain Melts

For whatever reason, autumn and literary theory inexplicably keep linking together in my life. Seven years ago, I took my first lit crit class as an undergraduate, and I knew I was in for a doozy of a semester when our professor introduced the subject on the first day by saying something along the lines of, “It’s going to feel like you’re drowning for the first month or so of this class, but don’t worry, I’ll keep throwing all of you life lines as we go.” Regardless of whether or not that is what she actually said, that is certainly how it felt. Continue reading

Living in the Tension between Joy and Sorrow

Over the last week, a lot of tragedy has been happening around the world, from senseless violent crime at a local level to multiple terrorist acts that have affected global citizens. Add to that Congress’ vote to slash funding for SNAP, and you wind up with an Ellayne who wants to crawl into a cave and shut out everything. Continue reading

But I like cat GIFs!

I recently found out that “GIF” is pronounced “JIF” (like the peanut butter), and my whole world was flipped upside down. Frankly, I’m annoyed that the creator of GIFs decided to take English phonology and throw it out the window. At the same time, I really can’t blame the guy because, well, have you looked at English phonology lately? Continue reading