Product Review: HabitRPG

Why, yes, if you couldn’t tell by the post about my patronus, I am a geek. It seems weird to say that for a few different reasons (the whole “fake geek girl” business and how geek is chic these days), but it’s the truth. I wear my label proudly. Continue reading


future husbands: your future wife does not belong to you

After praising the high school graduates all week, I had nothing left creatively to offer the blog today. However, I found this post earlier this week, and it is really good. Make sure you read the article that this post refers to so you have a full picture of the arguments and ideologies the author is picking apart. There are a lot of discussions about sex, purity, virginity, etc., going on in various Christian circles these days, and I’ve really enjoyed sifting through these discussions and seeing what others have to say about it all.

Warning: there is a Nice Guy™ referenced in the reblogged post.