Day 23: Post five pictures of celebrities you find attractive.

octopus nope

Whoever came up with this list should be smacked. (Just kidding!) Two picture posts in a row though? That’s just kind of lazy. Instead, let’s discuss some of the contents of my refrigerator in no particular order.

  1. Sriracha – This hot sauce is delicious. I add it to a lot of other condiments to make them taste better. Ex: add to BBQ sauce for added spiciness.
  2. Leftovers – So many, about half of which need to be tossed. I keep forgetting to do this, however, so things are getting gross in the back of the fridge.
  3. Brita pitcher – My lifesend! We live in an old building and the tap water tastes…off. So I drink Brita-filtered water and try to stay on top of my hydration anyway.
  4. Salad mix – I need to make more salads before this goes bad.
  5. Homemade jams – Some of the jams/jellies in our fridge are from the store, but others are from family or yours truly. Currently, I have a sweet habanero jelly in there that is mighty tasty.
  6. Milk – It either needs to be drunk quickly or tossed. I’ll have the hubby sniff it later.
  7. Bags of shredded cheese – There are multiple bags left over from a community burrito bar. I don’t know how just the two of us will eat it all.
  8. Baby carrots – This bag is starting to leak odd stuff into the fridge, but I’m too freaked out by it to want to throw away the bag and clean up the mess. It’s like alien slime. 😛
  9. Bottles of salad dressing – all kinds!
  10. Unsalted butter – The only kind of butter worth putting on fresh bread. Take your salted butter and leave me, you heathens!

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