Day 12: Bullet point your whole day

(I’m basing this off yesterday.)

  • Fought waking up.
  • Ignored the mouthy cats.
  • Gave in to my bladder and finally got up to go to the bathroom.
  • Continued to ignore the cats for a few minutes.
  • Fed the cats.
  • Cleaned and refilled the cats’ water dish.
  • Checked various notifications on my phone.
  • Kept the gluttonous kitty from eating the skinny cat’s food.
  • Settled into the armchair that is falling apart and started blogging.
  • Worked on homework. Got distracted by facebook.
  • Elbowed Rosie out of my lap.
  • Worked on homework. Went momentarily back to bed.
  • Shooed Rosie off my laptop keyboard and made sure she didn’t post gibberish on my behalf.
  • Worked on homework. Walked to 7-11 for coffee and donuts with my husband.
  • Talked to my folks on the phone. (It took five phone calls.)
  • Checked facebook.
  • Hung out on tumblr.
  • Worked on homework. Did absolutely nothing productive for many hours.
  • Worked on homework! For realsies!
  • Took a bunch of general knowledge quizzes–most having to do with geography.
  • Reveled momentarily in the snowfall.
  • Practiced lockpicking.
  • Fed the cats dinner after ignoring them for as long as I could stand.
  • Generic vegging.
  • More snow revelry!
  • More generic vegging!
  • Got ready for sleepy times.
  • Bed!

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