Day 5: What are your favorite comfort foods and why?

Corned Beef Hash

Potatoes, corned beef, tomato sauce, and onions all mixed together and cooked in a skillet long enough to make the potatoes soft and the onions slightly caramelized. YUM. My mom used to make this in Africa, and it is such a warm, filling meal. I even made up a dance for it in high school when my mom would make it for me.

Image courtesy of Steamy Kitchen


I love making bread. It’s an enjoyable process, and I can work out a lot of frustration in kneading! 😉 Also, it’s delicious straight out of the oven and a perfect accompaniment to sweet butter (i.e. unsalted), which I prefer to salted butter. I love dinner rolls, sweet breads, baguettes, whole wheat, white bread–you name it, I like it! My favorite recipe actually calls for minimal kneading and can be found here. Also, it’s delicious with homemade jams!

Meat + Sauce + Rice

There are multiple combinations possible for the above, which was purposeful. Growing up in Africa and now being a part of a predominantly Asian church, a good meal is one with some sort of meat in a sauce and served with rice. In Ghana, that meal would have been groundnut stew with rice (or possibly served with fufu). In Chad, goat or chicken were common in a tomato sauce. In our church, chicken adobo is fairly common. Of course, rice goes with everything. 🙂

So there you have some of my favorite comfort foods! I’m curious, what are yours?


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