Block and Diversion

It’s been two hours since I left work, and I’m still not home, so I’ve had more than ample time to sit on the bus and think things over in general. More specifically, I’ve been pondering NaNoWriMo, and even more specific than that, I’ve been chewing over my minuscule word count. I have just over one day’s worth of words, and we are moving towards day 6. So you could say that I’m a little behind, which isn’t terrible. I’ve caught up from worse. This isn’t the end of the world by far.

The thing is, I don’t feel all that motivated or inspired with my current project. I do want to write this story that’s rolling around my head, but right now, I feel like I have too many threads that I’m trying to connect. This is the third part of a multi planetary, centuries long trilogy, and it just feels like too much. It also feels like something that I am obligated to do, and that’s making my contrary nature dig in its heels and resist creative production. I know that writing isn’t a “only write when you feel inspired!” kind of deal. A lot of the time, you have to kick your contrary nature to the curb and force yourself to write regardless. I don’t feel like this is that time.

On Halloween, I tweeted somewhat wistfully that one year I would just write fan fiction for NaNo, but I was planning on continuing my trilogy, even if it took doggedly trudging through the details of a story that I don’t care about right now. So here, on the bus, I’ve decided to shelve my epic science fiction–temporarily–in favor of writing fanfic. Oh yes, I’m going there. Will I ever share it with anyone? Probably not. Am I really excited about it? You betcha.


Edit: It’s not going to be pure fanfic. It’s going to be a sort of riff off of a well-known story with different characters.


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