Sunday Links

Linking you up for the day!

There is a lot of talk about organic, all natural, whole foods. A LOT. And I hear the arguments and can’t argue with them, but…there’s still something about the movement that gets under my skin. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Africa so I’m thankful for whatever food I can afford to sustain my body, but I just can’t fully jump on board the organic bandwagon. For those who can and have, I applaud your efforts. Just…please leave me alone when I don’t follow suit. Here’s Julie Neidlinger’s defense on the matter.

Fittingly…here’s a visual representation of the evolution of pop cans from the 1950s-present.

Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency posted a photoset of a few twists on the classic Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It” campaign. Love it!

Brilliant thinking from a 12 year old Egyptian boy. If he gets it, why can’t educated policy makers get it? (And that goes for a lot of countries, not just Egypt.)

A trailer for the first movie ever directed by a woman in Saudi Arabia. This looks like such a wonderful story!


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