Unusual Mural

Turning a corner in the alley, her breath caught in her throat as she beheld the mural for the first time. Each element had been lovingly placed over the old brick walls, a gradual effort that must have taken years to create such a large piece of art. A rainbow collage of minty greens, watermelon reds, and banana yellows spelled out lovers’ promises with initials and hearts. Delicate, three dimensional strands of aquamarine and mandarin orange dripped like technicolor Spanish moss from a high window ledge. Colors danced and leaped across the walls around her, teasing her with new visions. If she leaned close, closed her eyes, and inhaled, she could almost smell wintergreen and bubblegum.


Inspired by Seattle’s very own gum wall! Since the first time I set eyes on the gum wall in Post Alley by Pike Place, I have been enamored by it. (Oh hey there, passive voice!) I know that it’s really gross to think about all of the saliva and germs that went into making this collective artwork, but it’s just so darn interesting to me! Obviously, when it was first growing back in ~2007, there was still enough blank wall space for me to put my own gum on the wall with my tongue. Nowadays, I’m not so sure I’d be that brave!

Top two pictures by ReBekha Smith (2007), bottom image from Wikimedia Commons

Top two pictures by ReBekha Smith (2007), bottom image from Wikimedia Commons


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