Sunday Links for mid-June

Queen Elizabeth I by George Gower, via Wikimedia Commons

Could Queen Elizabeth I–the Virgin Queen–have actually been an imposter in drag?! *gasp!* The evidence in this article is circumstantial at best and seems like it would make for a very sensationalized novel–nothing more. Still, it’s kind of entertaining to read the conspiracy theories. The article is from the Daily Mail so I don’t really count them as a trustworthy source! If anyone who is an actual Queen Elizabeth I scholar has something more substantial on the subject, I’d love to hear it. Also, from a feminist perspective, this theory is really obnoxious and very dismissive of a brilliant female monarch.

Speaking of Queen…we all know that Queen is one of the greatest bands that there ever was, but here’s a collection of their tracks that have edited out all instrumentation. Revel in the vocals and harmonies!

I don’t often find articles praising post-baby bodies–with rare exceptions in celebrity tabloid rags–so it’s nice to read about an everyday woman who celebrates her mom-body, stretchmarks and all.

Babies are on my brain, so when I read this piece by Sarah Bessey, I could not stop crying. She writes about God asking too much of us.

Guys. Stephen Colbert is ruining America! It’s true. I read it on the internet.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary (and one of the most authentic voices on the internet, IMO) wrote about premarital sex, and I think it’s worth a read. Part 1, Part 2

An informative post on how to organize your writing time. I lean towards being scatterbrained, so this is definitely a plan that I will try out this week.

By the time this posts on Sunday, the following clip will be a week old, but man, do I ever love it! I’m a theatre geek from way back when–lettered in drama in high school (yep, that’s a thing!)–and even though I haven’t pursued anything theater related since I graduated college, I will always always love live performances, especially Broadway musicals. This clip from the opening of the 2013 Tony Awards had me in happy tears by the end.


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