Kyrie, eleison

In the midst of tragedy’s fallout, I feel like my own words are useless. How do I take this language I grew up speaking and use it to describe the horrifying powerlessness victims experience in the face of natural disaster? Nothing I say will raise the flattened buildings, bring the dead back to life. Continue reading

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal 2013 – a personal recap

Have you ever noticed how easily we tune ourselves out? I know that in some cases, it’s incredibly beneficial to silence our inner critic, but sometimes, we end up shutting down our deepest desires at the same time because we think, “Such and such isn’t practical.” Continue reading

NW Christian Writers Renewal 2013

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. Tomorrow and Saturday, I’ll be attending this conference in hopes that it will help me be a better writer. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit nervous. (I’m actually fairly nervous right now.) Continue reading

There is Always a Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up between cultures. (That’s me!) Although she learned how to adapt, she still feels a bit like a fish out of water. The dreams she held onto as a young girl went away for awhile, replaced by sensible plans that work in “the real world.” Continue reading